Don't dress too revealing. Men love it when there is a place for imagination. Vulgar, too open things ruin the atmosphere of mystery around your image. It is also not recommended to wear bright colors and wear lots of jewelry. As know, you can open the shoulder or the back to hook, but not to open up completely.
Speak in a low voice and enigmatic smile. Practice in front of a mirror and select the most suitable for the way you smile, remember it and often try to use. Even the most mundane things with such a smile are becoming a mystery.
Try to talk less and listen more. Mysterious silence, vague answers adds to your image of mystery. A long and detailed stories about the life of the tire, so try to speak briefly on the matter, but not too seriously. More listen to him, nod and ask clarifying questions.
Be available. This applies both to intimate relationships and personal meetings. Don't reply to SMS, call back and agree to the first offer to see. Be unpredictable, suddenly offer to meet and choose their own time and place.
Have your own life. Your interests should not be confined to a partner. Deal with your favorite things, walk with friends and spend time alone. It will make you more interesting in the eyes of the chosen one, show your independence and he will be curious, what do you do in addition to meetings with him.
Think of the mystery. It can be any thing, on which he will wrestle. For example, at the same time you disappear, avoid to speak on a specific subject, but do not explain the reasons for this.
Be honest. Men are very sensitive to hypocrisy and pretense. Do not try to wear a mask that completely contradict your usual behavior. Do not overdo the number of puzzles – some men tired to figure it out and go to a less interesting but more obvious to the girls.