Here is a list of the most important trends in the spring of 2016:

- The jackets.

Shorter model jacket at the height of fashion. The most fashionable jackets are polka dot – the strongest trend this spring.

Leather skirt is one of the main trends.

It is better to choose the free form of this skirt. It is more in keeping with the free top. If the figure is too heavy the bottom and I want it visually to make it smaller is to choose closefitting skirt and match it with more free riding. This skirt can be both with the Assembly of folds.

- Pointed shoes.

These shoes always look better when there is a contrast of textures in clothing and paradoxical forms. Preference can be given to the models shoes boats. It is necessary to avoid absurd models on a large platform, this season they are not in the trend.

- Unusual textures.

This season we offer metallized fabric, Oriental, futuristic motifs, animal prints.

- Pant suits.

In the trend of cropped trousers with a high waist, flattering the figure, as with heel and without. Due to the emphasis on the waist the figure is visually stretched, the heel will enhance the elegance of the foot.

Longer skirts.

To prefer should be a skirt-bell, returning from the era of retro style. Options textures of this skirt on, it could be chiffon, silk, and thick fabric.

- Bulky jewelry.

In the fashion trends this spring is influenced by the African influence. Large earrings, solid necklaces, with and without twists, lots of chains, and more geometric shapes. Do not forget about the large earrings and brooches, as they will be a clear indicator of style this season.

- Bright colors.

Overall this season, to be in fashion, just enter the one bright thing. If You have quite pale skin, choose a more natural color.

To be fashionable this spring, fairly safe to combine textures, colors, things, and to introduce animal prints. Also choose bulky items that will appreciate girls seeking stroinaia result, as the asymmetry has no such effect.