Fashion colors 2016

Green Flash bright green color, which is associated with the appearance of the first grass and a riot of summer colors. It would look great without the participation of other colors, but you can add a variety of shades - from fiery red, to pale pink.

Iced Coffee – warm, soft brown color was diluted with designers cold icy sheen that made it unique. This shade will appeal to fans of cold and warm colors.

Fiesta – bright, saturated, joyful tone. This is not the red, which was popular last season, added to it the tenderness and warmth of yellow that makes it special.

Lilac Gray – this color was obtained by connecting the gray and purple colors. The resulting neutral tone is easy to combine with other shades, but it also organically will look in solitude.

Limpet Shell – a playful and at the same time, calm turquoise, with the addition of mother of pearl, dizzy with memories of how clouds float in the sky, because it is these associations arise the man, who looked at him. Classic and modern fashion – this colour will compliment any outfit.

Buttercup yellow color with a barely noticeable hint of mustard adds liveliness sad, grey, black and white colors.

Snorkel Blue – the color of the Kingdom of the sea. Classic blue was not spared and this year it is also fashionable. Creating a romantic image or choosing a suit for the office – refer to this color and will not lose.

Serenity – the understated elegance. In combination with white will create a beautiful, low-key way.

Echo Peach – juicy peach, reminiscent of the delicious summer fruit that many will not leave indifferent. Turquoise, blue and lilac – perfect companions this color, but without them it will look great.

Rose Quartz is a warm pink shade will be a great addition to the turquoise and gray color.

A wide choice of colors allows to choose the way of even the most capricious fashionista and look for all hundred percent.