To the smallest detail

Tight-fitting jerseys – the leader of the summer of 2016. Simplicity and femininity is the fashion trend that makes the image even more sensual. Not remained aloof and colors – simple solid, but presented in different colors.

Show shoulders

Perfect look shoes, which delicately demonstrates the scapula. In this model with the armhole in the American style boldly bare shoulders. It looks sexy and feminine.

Length to your taste

Length limits t-shirts there. It just depends on personal preference. Maxi, MIDI and mini are all in the trend. Every woman will choose the ideal option for your figure. The owner of slim and fit forms will be able to demonstrate through brief, just covering the waist of the models. Flared tops, like mini-dresses look bold and stylish. In addition, they are able to hide all figure flaws. Perfectly combined with shorts and leggings t-shirts, a bit flared from the chest.

Amazing prints

Along with concise fashion remains and prints. Bright and flashy, they are not inferior to their positions. A variety of designs, appliques, patterns, portraits, abstraction is a stylish items in "maechee" fashion. Thus, any fashionista will find something unusual to your taste. In addition, this element of the wardrobe is quite democratic, because of the diversity of styles it fits under any silhouette.

Choose t-shirts and feel free and comfortable in the hottest season.