Proper acquaintance of the sea pigs – a pledge of friendship and lack of injuries. Fans of these rodents it is worth remembering that you cannot accommodate in one cage two males. They will constantly fight for territory, make a lot of noise, throw through the bars of the sawdust. The result of constant conflict will be injuries and possibly the death of weaker individuals. Only male Guinea pigs that can live together - siblings from the same litter who have never been separated. Also close by when you do not have to appear any one gilt is a female.
Морская свинка: как она выглядит
Two females may get along in the same cage if they have enough space. The age of the pigs, as a rule, not important.
морские свинки с разноцветными глазами
The male with the female to settle in a cage is not recommended. Pigs are in childbearing age is a month and a half after the birth and is able to bear offspring with remarkable regularity. Even if you don't mind the little furry piglets should be kept the female separate from the males, putting them together only for mating. First, when the male offspring will guard its territory that may result in failure for the newborn pigs. Second, immediately after birth, the female secretes a secret, which can provoke the male to a new sexual act. Not having to raise the newly born offspring, the Guinea pig gets pregnant again. Frequent childbirth ahead of time will exhaust the female and will greatly reduce the duration of its life.
пол морской свинки
To properly introduce two Guinea pigs is easy. The first days they should be kept in different cells that you need to put some distance from each other. Every day cells can be moved a few inches, gradually bringing together them. But still close the grille to the grille, put houses pigs not worth it.
чем мыть морскую свинку
Perfect Dating will become Guinea pigs for a walk together on neutral territory. Release the first one rodent, and in a few minutes the second. Be sure to vigilantly watch out for Pets. If there are conflicts, should intervene and place the pigs in different cells.
поилка и морская свинка
Normal Guinea pigs are considered behaviour when they get closer, sniff each other, emit the characteristic non-aggressive sounds, fighting over a toy, running into each other around the room.