Preparing for the birthday party in the pool

If you want to have the next birthday of your child forever, he was filled, try to come up with something original. A good option would be the birthday in the pool.

Parents will need considerable organizational skills. Just unlike the water Park in the pool no slides. But noodle, balls and other floating devices are better to get in advance. You will also need to prepare interesting competitions with the involvement of the aforementioned items. The more people come to the pool, the merrier will be the birthday celebration. It turns out that the pool can make a real family holiday.

Of course, some have to splurge on a day pass for the entire group, and prizes for participation in competitions. Not always in the pool well fed, so that on the festive menu is also better to think in advance. Sandwiches and packets of juices is a great option. Well, if you wish, you should find a pool with a sauna so the kids could warm up. This is especially true in the cold.

Contests birthday in the pool

Make sure you have interesting contests that children do not get bored in the pool. Here are some good examples of contests for this event:

competition is that a towel needs to be wet and to transfer the chain from one participant to another. Each need to survive water in a special bucket. The team, which is faster to fill the bucket, will be deemed the winner.

-you can have a real race and battle towels on an inflatable raft. This contest will clearly raise the spirits.

-the original competition with spoons is that you need to quickly collect spoons, thrown to the bottom of the pool. But keep in mind that children will have to dive. So with the depth that will be thrown spoons, it is better to decide in advance. It should not be too large, so the children were not difficult to swim.

another interesting variant of the competition is jumping off the rim in the Hoop or in the pool over the bar. However such a competition some may find traumatic. Just need to take some safety measures before the vote. First and foremost, you should make sure that all participants are good swimmers. But secondly, it is necessary to check that the sides of the pool was too slippery for kids.