Advice 1: How to feed a big company birthday

On my birthday, there should be plenty: gifts, entertainment, funny jokes, delicious food. If you want to invite many people to your event, you need to think about what to feed them.
For my birthday
Conventionally, birthdays can be divided into children, adults and mixed. In the latter case, include both age categories, so it is better to make children and adult table.

There are meals that can be enjoyed by all. First of all, it's a snack. It is better to start the celebration a big company.



Take 2-3 loaves of white bread (depending on number of guests), slice it into slices with a thickness of 0.8 cm and cut off the crust. Now you will need a glass with thin edges, has a diameter of 5-6 cm With the help of this glass or crystal tool make the bread disks. Now you can put on top of them a different layer, and then bonding the whole structure with special skewers for canapés. Here are some options of canapés:

Bread spread with butter, put a slice of cheese cut with the same glasses. Next, cut off a thin square slice of ham and fixed up in the shape of the sail. You can make a sail out of an oval piece of cucumber, and ham to put on the cheese.

On round or oval bread-based put a piece of salmon, and on top of it – a rose out of butter and some red eggs. To make the rose, sharp knife with a frozen piece of butter, removed the tape and wrapped in the shape of a flower.

The basis for canapés can be not only their bread, but crackers, savory puff pastry. Layers can also be quite varied: fish, poultry, meat, vegetables.

To feed a big company, make a sufficient number of salads. They also are snack meals, but also combine perfectly with hot.

What is served on hot

The food for the birthday party should be delicious and look spectacular. It would be good to file a chicken, baked completely. If the company is very large, you can cook 2-3 carcasses. Is such a pleasure cheaply, and guests will be happy and well fed.

To prepare this dish you will need chicken, salt and mayonnaise. Wash the carcass, a bit dry on a towel, RUB inside and out with salt. Now it must be put into a greased roaster.

If you do not want to separately boil the potatoes, you can stuff them the bird. Put the chicken in a preheated 190оС the oven for 40-50 (depending on the size of the carcass), covered with a lid. After this time, remove it, apply on the upper and lateral surface of the mayonnaise, put back in the roaster, without covering with a lid. Bake another 15 minutes or until crust.

To the children's table you can put the meatballs, nuggets of chicken breast homemade, but the chicken is baked whole, like the guys.

Adults can cook pork chops in a cheese breading or baked ham in the oven.

Birthday cake will conclude a truly feast. Beside him, the end of the Banquet, you can serve ice cream, candy, fruit.

Advice 2 : Quick satisfying meals to feed guests

Have you planned a fun party and that's it descend friends. You need to set the table. In this issue you will come to the aid market, and possibly a supermarket, a large number of products will enrich your imagination and tell you all that you will need.
A quick snack

If you came up with the idea to prepare a snack of boiled vegetables, then boil them in advance and let cool. Boiled vegetables should be kept in the refrigerator.

If you have any idea to treat your guests with original pate, it is necessary to prepare two days before the feast, pate will have time to soak and to acquire the necessary taste. It is no secret that the mood of celebration to create to the table cold snacks, different in shape, taste and color.

If you plan just a snack table, we should calculate the fare that each guest had at least ten different dishes, and traditional if it is hot, it must be at least five types of snacks. Serve meals in an original and beautiful dish that would meet dishes.

The raw vegetables look great on a tray or on a flat plate covered with some kind of greens or lettuce. But I love cheese dishes from the wood, and if not, then a beautiful plate openwork embellish an appetizer out of cheese. It can be decorated with rosemary or bunches of greens.

Quickly enough, you can prepare the deviled eggs, they should be welded with hard-boiled then cut in half, yolks mix thoroughly with mayonnaise, anchovy fillets, and black pepper. With this mixture fill the egg halves and embellish with greenery.

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