Advice 1: How to treat the wound on the lip

Causes sores on lips can be a few: the appearance of cold sores; wound received as a result of mechanical impact (laceration, rupture); systematic dryness and cracks; purulent wounds. Treatment for each kind of wounds of their own.
How to treat the wound on the lip
First and foremost consult your doctor to determine the cause of the wound. If you have been diagnosed with herpes, to purchase the appropriate ointment. Folk medicine recommends to smear the wound with toothpaste (preferably at bedtime) to promote healing.
Complete the full survey for the presence of virus. Herpes is in the blood and maybe next time to affect any area of the mucosa. Drink a course of antiviral drugs.
But to withdraw the virus from the body is unlikely to succeed. Take drugs that increase immunity. Any hypothermia can provoke colds, against which reappear herpes.
Very often, the wound on the lip is the result of a burn or bite. Sprinkle the wound with baking soda to eliminate burning, then oil antiseptic ointments.
After a visit to the dentist can be a gap the corners of the mouth. For rapid healing use protivogrippoznoj ointment. Be patient, these wounds take time to heal because of its location.
A ragged wound first, wash with an antiseptic solution (hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate), as lips easily become infected. Stop the bleeding. It is not difficult (except in cases of hemophilia), on the lips no major blood vessels.
On the lips heals quickly and easily. But if the wound is large, contact the emergency room. You may need suturing. In rare cases, the intervention of a plastic surgeon.
At constant cracks on the lips drink vitamins a And E; eat food containing them. Systematically lubricate dry lips with soothing ointments, balms, honey (popular recipe). Women should use moisturizing lipstick.
If you have decided to make a lip piercing, consult a specialist. From the procedure done on their own, can appear purulent wounds.
Herpes can be transmitted through kissing, airborne, through a shared Cup or unwashed hands. And after entering the virus remains in the nerve plexus of the spine for life. How to treat herpes. When the herpes virus there is a characteristic of cold pain, body aches and fever. And on the infected area enlarged lymph nodes. But the fever on the lip — this is the final stage of infection.
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Against herpes on the lips you can apply a range of tools, including folk. Sometimes we need to release the gas from the bottle. After 5-7 days, when the juice ferment, it can be long to use, keeping in a cool place. Herpes can be treated immediately, freshly pressed juice, lubricating pockets several times a day. Juice of celandine is also used in many diseases of nasopharynx, diseases and injuries of the skin, in internal medicine.

Advice 2 : How to treat a broken lip

Situation when you can get injured lips, occur frequently, especially in children. He tripped, fell awkwardly, playing, or hit the corner of the table, or hit the "scramble" during pranks at recess. In adults, too many reasons for getting this injury – in manufacturing, training, in a random fight. Lip can be damaged both the inside and the outside, and injuries, respectively, lie in a wide range of "easy swelling – laceration". How can act if this has happened?
How to treat a broken lip
If the injury is light, it is possible to limit the use of such waxes, as lanolin, solcoseryl. Good results are obtained by wetting the damaged section of sea buckthorn or olive oil. Some people perfectly helps honey or ointment based on propolis (of course, only if they have no Allergy to bee products). Many doctors (especially the older generation) recommended old, but proven, means of – zinc ointment. It is in most cases also promotes rapid healing of wounds.
Some mothers treat injuries to children usual hygienic lipstick or oil containing vitamin E (it can be bought in any pharmacy). As a rule, in mild trauma to the lips it helps. It is not necessary to cauterize her brilliant green or iodine, as this can cause skin burns.
Keep in mind that before you start treatment with ointments, it is recommended that some time be applied to the damaged areas of the ice, or any cold object (metal is better). This will contribute to the reduction of edema and better subsequent healing of the injury. Required before applying you have to remove the blood if it is available.
If the damage is strong, if formed laceration, it is necessary to consult a surgeon, and the sooner the better! Many people (especially in children) afraid of the word "operation", but it is better to overcome your fear. Otherwise, after healing of the wound will always remain visible and ugly scar. And the saying "scars adorn a man!" will only serve a small consolation. Moreover, if we are not talking about a man. In the Arsenal of modern medicine are quite highly effective pain-killers, and such operations in the majority of cases do not cause patients any discomfort.

Advice 3 : How to treat sores on lips

In the off-season is very common to see people with sores on the lips. This herpes that occur during the weakening of the body and reduce immunity. People call it cold on the lips, because most often it occurs during the rise of General morbidity.
How to treat sores on lips
There are many methods of treating sores on the lips. If the herpes is recurrent, it is best to consult the physician to an experienced specialist has prescribed you a course of immunotherapy. It is in the reduction of immunity lies the cause of this disease. Remember that herpes is easily spread through the body. So try not to touch and scratch the affected area.
In folk medicine, there are many ways to treat the sores on lips. Quickly cope with herpes ordinary teaspoon. To do this, in a Cup of hot black tea dip the spoon, leave on for a few seconds so that it warms up and attach to the sore spot. This procedure should be performed several times a day. Instead of tea you can use baking soda (1 teaspoon), dissolved in a glass of boiling water. At high temperatures the herpes virus dies very quickly.
Quickly relieves colds on lips aloe Vera juice. Take a fresh leaf of this plant, cut along the or carefully remove the skin and pulp apply to the sore for a few minutes. Then refresh lotion. You can freeze the aloe leaf using a small piece of plaster – it will compress.
To prevent the development of viral infection will help calendula. Take 1 part of fresh flowers, mix with 10 parts of olive oil, let stand for 3-4 hours, and then lubricate the affected areas 2-3 times a day. You can also use the fresh juice of calendula. To do this, take some flowers, mash them and separated juice lubricate sore on lips. But remember that the juice of calendula irritant, so after the procedure, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, do not touch other parts of the body, especially mucous membranes.
Antiviral and antimicrobial properties of propolis, so it is also quite effective in dealing with herpes. It is possible to prepare an alcohol tincture. Take 1 tablespoon of propolis, mix it with half Cup of 70% alcohol, let stand at room temperature for 5-7 days, periodically shake. This tincture can be stored in a cool place for quite a long time. As soon as the first signs of herpes (itching and burning on the lips), start treatment: lubricate the sores 3-4 times a day.
The treatment at home. A person with such a chronic disease are often forced to deal with this problem without the presence of the doctor, and patients with experience already know how to treat stomach ulcer at home. For those who are faced with the disease for the first time, here are a few effective treatments at home stomach ulcers.
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How to treat stomach ulcers. To cure the ulcer, you need to follow a few guidelines. In many sources you can see the campaign come to treat stomach ulcers folk remedies. Actually nothing wrong with that, if you know the measure of this treatment, because medicinal plants have long been appreciated due to its wonderful properties.

Advice 4 : What if on lip ulcer up

Ulcer on the lips most often is a virus herpes. Very often its appearance coincides with the flu or a cold body. Currently, in pharmacies you can find various tools that will help to heal the ulcer in a matter of days. To get rid of cold sore on lip, use and folk remedies.
What if on lip ulcer up

Causes of sores on the lips

Infection herpes can be transmitted by droplets, through the objects of common use, through direct contact with the media. In the body the virus enters usually through sexual contact, through mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract.

Ulcer on lip can also occur due to weakened immunity, avitaminosis, cold.

Often, herpes appears on the lips in the period from autumn to spring. At this time the immune system is weakened. On the appearance of cold sores can affect endocrine disorders, stress, sunburn, overheating in the sun, hypothermia.

Treatment of herpes

Pharmacies provides a wide range of facilities that are designed for the treatment of herpes labialis. They are available in the form of a gel or ointment. The most common is "Acyclovir", "Zovirax", "Hectare". These funds are dispensed without a doctor's prescription. Ointment accelerates the healing of tissues thus relieving itching and discomfort.

Not less effective and the popular treatment for ulcers on the lips. However, before the application of the proposed recipes you should consult with a qualified professional.

Folk remedies for the treatment

Herpes not afraid of the cold, but the ulcer does not tolerate high temperatures. That is why to the affected area can be applied hot teaspoon. This method will accelerate healing of the ulcer on the lip.

At the first symptoms of sores on lip this site several times a day to lubricate the garlic. Also, a special ointment. For its preparation you need to mix Apple cider vinegar and natural honey in equal proportions. Ulcer the tool handle 3-4 times a day.

Remember: to knock over, and squeeze in any way affect anthrax in any case impossible. These actions you can get an infection.

As prevention to prevent further occurrence of colds on the lips, you should carefully monitor themselves.

You should always dress for the weather. In the winter, don't forget to wear a hat. Feet should always be warm and stay dry. Clothing and shoes should not be tight and hamper your movements.

Good nutrition also plays an important role. The lack of useful trace elements and vitamins in the body can cause the appearance of the common cold on the lips. Remember: a strong immune system is the path to a healthy body.
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