First and foremost consult your doctor to determine the cause of the wound. If you have been diagnosed with herpes, to purchase the appropriate ointment. Folk medicine recommends to smear the wound with toothpaste (preferably at bedtime) to promote healing.
Complete the full survey for the presence of virus. Herpes is in the blood and maybe next time to affect any area of the mucosa. Drink a course of antiviral drugs.
But to withdraw the virus from the body is unlikely to succeed. Take drugs that increase immunity. Any hypothermia can provoke colds, against which reappear herpes.
Very often, the wound on the lip is the result of a burn or bite. Sprinkle the wound with baking soda to eliminate burning, then oil antiseptic ointments.
After a visit to the dentist can be a gap the corners of the mouth. For rapid healing use protivogrippoznoj ointment. Be patient, these wounds take time to heal because of its location.
A ragged wound first, wash with an antiseptic solution (hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate), as lips easily become infected. Stop the bleeding. It is not difficult (except in cases of hemophilia), on the lips no major blood vessels.
On the lips heals quickly and easily. But if the wound is large, contact the emergency room. You may need suturing. In rare cases, the intervention of a plastic surgeon.
At constant cracks on the lips drink vitamins a And E; eat food containing them. Systematically lubricate dry lips with soothing ointments, balms, honey (popular recipe). Women should use moisturizing lipstick.
If you have decided to make a lip piercing, consult a specialist. From the procedure done on their own, can appear purulent wounds.