You will need
  • - surgical gloves;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • - gauze;
  • - band-aid;
  • - antiseptic.
For the treatment of wounds, prepare surgical gloves, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, iodine or disinfectant, gauze, adhesive tape, antiseptic. All materials must be sterile. In some cases, you may need a bandage, bandage and tourniquet.
First and foremost, wear gloves, wash the affected area with 3% hydrogen peroxide solution and dry with sterile towel. Then apply on the area around the wound alcohol, iodine or Zelenka. Disinfection of skin need to be conducted at the distance not less than 20cm. Your movements should be directed from the wound to the periphery.
Try to approximate the edges. Take narrow strips of adhesive plaster, and glue them across the wound. Thus treated, it is recommended to keep open. If the damaged face, the bandage of plaster shall be not less than 6 days, the other part longer to heal 7-8 days. Until the wound is dry, wet it.
If bleeding, put on the wound with a pressure bandage. If the blood does not stop, you will need to clamp the bleeding artery (tourniquet). When handling wounds on the feet or hands, it is recommended to lift the limb.
If the wound is large and dirty, after you stop the bleeding, first disinfect the surrounding area. Then take furazidin, lavasept, hexicon or any similar tool, and 4-5 times wash the wound with a strong jet. After that, apply on the surface with a sterile gauze pad soaked in antiseptic.
Open burn wounds are treated three-layered dressing impregnated with furatsilina. Take 1 tablet of furacilin, mash it, dissolve in a small amount of hot water and mix with cold. The liquid volume should not exceed half a glass. Such a wound need a bandage. It will dry up and heal fast. In the process of drying, the bandage can stick to it. To tear it does not need, he will depart as wound healing. If the bandage gets wet, it will need to change.
Keep in mind that on open wounds (excluding burns) should not be applied thick bandages. They prevent rapid healing and creates a fertile ground for reproduction of germs. The less her dressings, the faster it dries and heals.