Causes of eczema on the body

Colds pimples with purulent contents – an unpleasant phenomenon that had to face almost everyone. Jump they are most often in spring and autumn, because these seasons increases the likelihood of developing inflammatory processes. However, the definition of pustules as the "common cold" does not always indicate exactly the same nature of their appearance. Some people have purulent rashes on the body can appear under the influence of such factors as:
- inflammation of the ovaries in women.
- improper diet;
- hormonal imbalance;
- disruption of the endocrine system;
- common infections;
- weakened immune system;
- chronic fatigue;
- psycho-emotional overload.

What if the body after a cold covered with pustules?

If the problem area was the face, it is necessary to choose such means for daily washing, which will contain triclosan or salicylic acid. When sweating is source of irritation of the skin becomes sweat that promote inflammation. To prevent the appearance of pustules, in hot weather often necessary to wash or take a shower, if possible. If not, problem areas can be wiped moist cleansing wipes.
To relieve inflammation of the skin prepared with tincture of celandine on vodka at a ratio of 1 tablespoon of raw materials to 1 Cup of vodka. After a 2-week infusion of vehicle lubricate the problem areas.

Regular baths with sea salt will help quickly dry pimples purulent. Shower gels are better to choose from care products containing seaweed extract.

Nutrition and a healthy lifestyle – an important point in the fight against pustules. Excess of fried and sweet food the skin not to their liking – they cause inflammation on its surface. But a sufficient number of hours of sleep and the destruction of harmful habits will be delighted not only the skin but also the whole body.

Medical treatment of cold abscesses on the body

For the treatment of colds rashes on your body, you can use Vishnevsky ointment. To quickly cope with the problem, the treatment should be carried out every morning and evening.
Baziron AC is a great remedy, exfoliating the affected upper layers of the epidermis and drying pustules.
Boric acid – another tool in the fight against purulent pimples. It not only burns their contents but also clears the skin pores, ridding the skin of unnecessary fat.

Treatment eczema tea tree oil should not be carried away, as it desiccate the skin. To avoid additional problems the oil itself is applied to the skin of point or add a few drops in chamomile broth. The medium is filtered, but still cause point. As a restorative therapy should take multivitamin complexes.