You will need
  • ATM Bank card, your account number and Bank details.
Replenishment of cards via ATMs
To transfer money to the card via ATM, you need to know the pin to the card itself, as well as your account number. In practice, it looks simple enough. After entering the pin code, you are in a private office. Here you need to choose menu "add funds". The opened option will prompt you to select the account number of those that are tied to the map. After you select an account, insert the banknote into the banknote validator. The system automatically calculates your deposited funds and after you confirm the payment, will be credited to your card account.
Funding your card using banking offices. For replenishment of account through banks Bank branches and post offices, you need to come to one of points of reception of payments located in your city. Provide to the operator of the cash register all necessary information regarding the recipient of funds. You'll need to call the name, surname, patronymic of the recipient, the number of his personal Bank account, to which there is a map, as well as details of the beneficiary Bank's correspondent account, BIK, INN and directly, the full name of the Bank.
Thus, using one of the above methods, you will easily be able to recharge your card. As for the refill on the credit card, all transactions are absolutely identical.