Visit the nearest branch of Sberbank. Show the teller your card and identity document. The receipt enter the amount which you wish to recharge and make money at the cashier. Your funds will be credited to the card almost instantly. But to use them immediately, you are unlikely to succeed: the system may take a while to process information – sometimes for two or three days. However, to replenish the balance in this way is possible in other banks, but it will require you additional costs – payment of Commission percent, and the money will be available immediately, sometimes only after a week that very uncomfortable.
Top your card through an ATM. Select the desired operation and make notes in a special slit for receiving and issuance of money. Note that you can recharge your account the currency in which you open the card. This way you can recharge and "non-native" cards, or cards of the savings Bank, but not in the same terminal. Keep in mind that in this case the operation is free – every Bank birches for such an operation and the percentage. The size of the Commission, all banks are different, do not neglect to confirm the details.
Transfer funds to the card via the Internet using cashless transfer by logging in to the system "Sberbank Online". In his "personal account" complete the information requested and make a transfer of money for any card with her.
To refill card, visit the office of "Mail of Russia". To do this, complete the mail order form. Please note that your services post office charges interest, and the transfer of funds occurs within seven to ten days – so if you hurry to use the money, prefer the other method.