There are different ways of replenishment of a card account. You can send money to your account and any other holder of a Bank card. As a rule, transfer money from one card to the same Bank by using ATM. Insert the card into the card slot, enter your PIN, locate the menu item associated with the transfer of money. Enter the card number of the recipient and the transfer amount. After implementation don't forget to get a check, it will be useful to you in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Don't forget that for the translation you may be subject to a Commission.
You can Fund your card account via a payment terminal. Go to the menu "Payments" section, then select "Translation" "Enter card number". Enter the card number of the recipient, then make the receiver cuts the required amount. The translation is instant. If you intend to use this service, save in the memory of the terminal input. When transferring, consider the size of the Commission, it can reach several percent.
If you have an account in any of the most widespread payment systems - WebMoney, QIWI, PayPal, E-gold, etc., can be used to replenish the card account. In the network there are many offices that allow transfers to the card with most payment systems. The amount of the fee depends on the type of electronic currency and may at times reach 5-8%.
Cardholders who have concluded with Bank the contract on services of Internet banking can make payments with your card via the Internet by going to the appropriate page of the website of your Bank. You can transfer money to any account within minutes.
To send money to the card at any branch of the issuing Bank. Typically, this payment is very fast and without a fee. If the transfer is between different banks, you will keep a Commission of approximately 1.5%, the payment may take several days.