You will need
  • Map
  • Money
  • Pin
  • ATM
Load the card into the ATM correctly, focusing on the icon as a hint near the card-reader (slot) for the card. Do not worry if it is not inserted correctly, the ATM will always give the opportunity to remedy the situation cards. Soon you will remember that the magnetic stripe on the card when the download is typically located on the lower side and to the right.
Carefully watch the monitor of the ATM. Software of ATMs of different banks varies. Some ATMs immediately request a secret pin code, for example, a Bank, Moscomprivatbank. Some offer first language, such as BSGV, and then require a pin. Enter pin number by covering the keypad with your palm to avoid compromise of the card.
Read the menu of available operations with the card. Since you're going to fill up the card with cash, you need the item "cash Operations". Select it by touching a finger on a touch screen or using the buttons on the sides of the screen. Next select "card" or "cash". The wording may be different, select the item that indicates the completion of the balance of the card.
Pay required amount into the slot for bills. When the ATM is ready to receive the money, you will see a flashing light near the slot. Be careful when you make money! Modern ATMs accept banknotes singly or in batches. You can make neatly straightened and folded stack of money at once. Additionally confirm the amount taken by the ATM tools. It will show you, or the entire or a list with the number and denomination of bills. Next, confirm the amount credited, if it is correct. Or adjust the amount by selecting "to Report" or "Fix", you can report shortfalls or return the excess.
Confirm all the transaction details if they are requested by the device. Wait until the operation is complete, take the card out of card reader and obtain a receipt. Keep the receipt until the funds are credited to the card account, usually this operation is carried out quickly on-line. In addition, the receipt includes the information about the date, time and place of the transaction, and amount and contact numbers of technical support service of the ATM.