Transfer money through an ATM is not so difficult. If you want to send finances from one card to another, you will need a card account of the recipient. Insert your card into the ATM, enter the pin code. On the next screen, select the service called "Money transfer".
Following system prompts, enter the card number you intend to transfer money, and the amount of remittance. Confirm the transaction and will receive a check.
When you transfer money to the account of the scheme is the same. Only instead of the card number you need to enter in the fields on the screen 20-digit account number.
Transfer via ATM, you and cash, not to use cashless payment. To do this, click on the ATM screen field "transfer funds", enter the card number or the account to which to send funds, enter the amount. Select transfer in cash. And start loading the money.
You need to remember that the translation must be carried out either in the currency of the sender, or in the currency of the recipient. Do not forget about the Commission when you transfer. It is removed from the card account of the sender. The average such fee is equal to 1-1,5% of the payment amount. And charged it in the case when the translation is regional, i.e. from one city to another. If the remittances you make to the recipient, who is with you in the same region, the fee for the transaction will not.
There is another limitation. The transfer amount is limited to 500 000 Euro a day. Ie more than this amount per day you can not translate. Even if you do it by parts.