Advice 1: How to transfer money via the ATM savings Bank

Transfer money today in various ways. And one of them, more and more increasingly popular is the transfer of Finance through an ATM. Because with it you can send the money to your account or even from card to card.
How to transfer money via the ATM savings Bank
Transfer money through an ATM is not so difficult. If you want to send finances from one card to another, you will need a card account of the recipient. Insert your card into the ATM, enter the pin code. On the next screen, select the service called "Money transfer".
Following system prompts, enter the card number you intend to transfer money, and the amount of remittance. Confirm the transaction and will receive a check.
When you transfer money to the account of the scheme is the same. Only instead of the card number you need to enter in the fields on the screen 20-digit account number.
Transfer via ATM, you and cash, not to use cashless payment. To do this, click on the ATM screen field "transfer funds", enter the card number or the account to which to send funds, enter the amount. Select transfer in cash. And start loading the money.
You need to remember that the translation must be carried out either in the currency of the sender, or in the currency of the recipient. Do not forget about the Commission when you transfer. It is removed from the card account of the sender. The average such fee is equal to 1-1,5% of the payment amount. And charged it in the case when the translation is regional, i.e. from one city to another. If the remittances you make to the recipient, who is with you in the same region, the fee for the transaction will not.
There is another limitation. The transfer amount is limited to 500 000 Euro a day. Ie more than this amount per day you can not translate. Even if you do it by parts.
Be very careful when indicating the card or account. After all, if you are negligent pay the money to the wrong room, return them will be quite problematic.

Transfer money from credit card accounts is impossible. You must use only their profitable card.
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Transfer money from card to card via the ATM savings Bank is possible only on "plastic" this financial institution. While the function of funds transfer via ATM to other banks is not provided.

Advice 2: How to transfer money from the account to the account of Sberbank

Currently, many banks provide a broad range of services to its customers, Sberbank is no exception. People to open Deposit accounts, get loans, and finally, make transfers between accounts.
How to transfer money from the account to the account of Sberbank
If you want to transfer cash to a physical person from your account (for example, open a Deposit in the savings Bank), transfer between accounts can be carried out by debiting funds on Deposit in the Bank account of a natural person. Or the payee can take money in the cash register at the place of treatment. If you have a situation that, while on vacation, you don't have cash, but there is a contribution to the savings Bank, the transfer of funds all contributions can be made in other credit organization on the territory of Russia. Moreover, operations on transfer of money from one account to another can be executed in foreign currency, and through the Bank only in roubles.
If you don't want to stand in line at the Bank to make a transfer, and are an active Internet user, you can activate the service "Sberbank online". Using the ID and password to log in the Internet Bank, which reflects all the information on your accounts. If you need to make a transfer to a natural person, it is enough to select in the main menu, payments and operations. Then respectively transfers and currency exchange, a transfer to an individual. Next you need to specify the recipient's account( it may be the card or account Sberbank or the account of another credit institution). If the payee customer of the savings Bank, it is enough to provide the card number and the amount you wish to Deposit to be debited from your account. Then operation successfully completed. To confirm the transfer, you must specify the passwords that are requested by the system. You can acquire them via SMS, if you are a user of services of mobile payment, or at the ATM of Sberbank.
If the payee's account is not opened in the savings Bank, to transfer cash to your account in the savings Bank in the system "Sberbank online" you need to specify the account number, the name of the recipient completely, INN and residential address. Also provide information on Bank name, BIC, payment and the currency in which it is produced.
If you wish to make funds transfer between your accounts (e.g. salary card on the credit card), it is also possible to carry out using the service "Sberbank online". Menu choose transfers and currency exchange, transfers between your accounts, and putting the name of the account debited and account credited, you enter the amount of the next payment on the loan. The funds arrive instantly.
But if you need to pay an amount to the account of the organization, by choosing field menu translation organizations and services and filling in all the details, you will successfully complete the operation.

Advice 3: How much money you can withdraw from the card of Sberbank in the day through an ATM

Recently, almost all banks, including Sberbank of Russia, imposed restrictions on withdrawals from their cards. Now to withdraw the whole amount accumulated over a certain period of time, for many very problematic, especially if the amount of impressive dimensions.
How much money you can withdraw from the card of Sberbank in the day through an ATM

The main reason why every map of the savings Bank put a limit on withdrawals of funds is security. For some it may seem unnecessary, but in fact, this system prevents the withdrawal of large funds by fraudsters.

Currently, the majority of us cards are calculated (for example, in the Internet shops), and here the system and protects their customers from illegal withdrawals. Each Bank has its own limits for certain types of cards, which is why anyone can use cards with already fixed on them by the limits of choice. For example, the owner of the card of Sberbank of Russia Maestro can remove 50 000 rubles, the same holder of MasterCard Platinum is 1,000,000 rubles. Agree, the difference is significant.

According to the information that can be read on the official website of Sberbank, we can conclude that in 2013, Sberbank of Russia has imposed restrictions on withdrawals from the cards and up until now, these limits have not changed.

The owners of Maestro and Visa Electron in a day, you can withdraw 50 000, the users of Visa Classic and MasterCard Standard (standard) - 150 000 rubles, for Visa Gold and Master Card Gold (gold) - 300 000 rubles. Holders of MasterCard Platinum, Visa Platinum and MasterCard World Black Edition - up to 1 000 000 rubles.

From 1 March 2015 on the official website of Sberbank has reported that a day from Bank savings card at ATMs you can withdraw up to 50 000 rubles for the withdrawal same larger sums will have to apply to the Bank.

If you need to withdraw an amount more than the allowed limit of the card, in this case, contact the branch of the savings Bank and let them know about your intention. However, be prepared to pay a fee for withdrawals above the limit. For all cards the one percent - 0.5% of the amount. That is, if you want to remove the card Maestro 70 000 rubles (with the limit of 50 000), in this case for the withdrawal of 50,000 from you, the Commission will undertake, with the remaining 20 000 you will have to pay 100 rubles.

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