The opportunity to break the phone number and discover the owner online for free do exist but it is important to avoid contact with suspicious sites and individuals. Quite a high risk that this time you will become a victim of online fraud. However, there are proven resources, links to which are below. For example, the "Who called me?" and "Whose phone number" contain a database of different telephone numbers, which is refilled daily. Here you can run the caller suspected room or seek help from other users who might encounter a similar problem.
Pretty effective way to break a phone number and find out the owner is a social network, especially the largest in Russia and the CIS "Vkontakte". Here you can use the search: maybe you are interested in the room someone mentioned in their records or the news. Also join communities and groups to identify unknown numbers. Pay special attention to those that are registered in your city or region.
Free to punch the phone number and discover the owner online, you can try your luck and enter a number in any Internet search engine such as Google or Yandex. Will be found useful links that lead to ads, job search and other resources that subscribers often leave their rooms as a reverse of the coordinates.
The opportunity to break the phone number to law enforcement agencies and employees of the cellular companies. To contact them should if from an unknown number "showered" calls or messages with threats. Such action would be a substantial reason to find the attacker. Write a Declaration stating the number needed and the reasons for it should be found. Staff of the relevant structures alone will reveal the number, and if your they were illegally written off money, they will reimburse cellular company, whose client you are.
Simple but not always effective way to punch the owner of the number free of charge – just call him with another SIM card (for example, old and unused). Don't forget to pay attention to the first three digits, because if it was not in Russia the call cost can be quite high. To know which operator owns this number, breaking its initial figures through any of the Internet search engines.