The first official way to learn the owner of a phone number is to appeal to the cellular operator. It is very important to correctly present a reason why they should provide you the data. For example, if you are threatened or some other way affect your life or the life of your family. However, this does not guarantee that the firm's representatives will meet you.
The second official way is to appeal to the police. You will also have to write the reason why you need the personal data of the owner. The police can initiate criminal proceedings, then send your request to the company providing cellular services. They are required by law to give the police all necessary information, which then will give you.
You can also use a little trick. The fact that the managers of salons that charge the account of cellular communication, have the right to see information about the number owner. You can ask to call them the data available, citing, for example, that wish to check whether the name of the right person or invent some other trick. However, managers do not have the right to disclose such information, so this method can not particularly count.
Use a search engine. Just enter the number in different variants, and you may come across the necessary information. Also you can find any leads concerning the identity of the owner of the number – city of residence, similar places, familiar people, and so on.