Determine what is pain: muscle or joint. If the sore shoulder, elbow or wrist joints, the pain is articular in nature. If the arm hurts during muscle pain muscle.

Remember, if there was any undue stress or injuries relating to the hand. If you got a bruise or sprain, use rastertime with analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, such Bystrumgel ' or Festungen. Long known ointment Ortofen Diclofenac and also have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. To ease the pain symptom you can drink non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Ibuprofen.

Use the ointment with a warming effect, such as Capsicum to relieve pain in muscles and joints. If your pain is articular in nature, you fit the above ointments, and in addition, the rubbing-based bee (Apistan) and snake (I experienced an unexpected side effect) poisons.

If the pain is long don't go away or are intermittent, and worse with movement of your arms or stress on it, see a therapist or trauma. You may be sent for x-rays to understand the cause of pain.

Pain in the hand can manifest in many diseases associated with muscle and bone system: neuralgia, arthritis, polyarthritis, writing cramps, etc., Can have their place, and rheumatism. All these diseases reveals a physician, so do not put self-diagnosis and not self-medicate.

Ask your doctor to prescribe you physiotherapy (e.g., electrophoresis), if arm pain persists for a long time after a fracture or other injury. You may need to have massages or any other treatments.

Before visiting the doctor limit the load on the patient's hand, keep it at rest.