You will need
  • Hydrometer, pear-enema, measuring Cup, electrolyte, battery acid, distilled water, a solution of baking soda, a drill, soldering iron.
The first thing you should start is to measure the electrolyte density in each battery Bank separately. Density should be in the limit from 1.25 to 1.29 – the smaller figure for the southern regions with mild winters, and more – for Northern regions with cool summers, and the range of readings on the banks should not be 0,01. If the measurement of density showed that its value is in the limit of 1,18-1,20, then it can be done by topping up the electrolyte with a density of 1.27. First bring the density to the desired one Bank. Vent the electrolyte with the help of "pear", pump out the maximum amount, measure the volume, add fresh electrolyte in the half of the volume is drained. Rock the battery from side to side and measure the density. If the density has not reached the desired value, refill the filling solution in chetverti volume from bulging. Further Dalilah the volume cut in half, to achieve the desired density. And in achieving the desired density of the residue add distilled water.
Determining the optimal density of the battery
If the density fell below the threshold of 1.18, the electrolyte will not help here, need battery acid. Its density is much higher, because the electrolyte is prepared from it by mixing with distilled water. Your work hours are spent in the same manner as the addition of an electrolyte, but in this case the procedure may need to be repeated, if after the first stage diluting the density reaches the right target.
Density checker
Another method involves the complete replacement of the electrolyte in the battery. You need to pump out the maximum amount of electrolyte with the help of "pear", to seal the ventilation openings of the tubes of cells of the battery, put the battery on the side and bottom of the battery, drill a 3-3. 5, drill holes, alternately in each Bank, not forgetting to drain the electrolyte. Then rinse the battery inside with distilled water. Drilled holes zapevaet acid-resistant plastic, better tube from another battery. And pour fresh electrolyte, it is better to prepare it yourself with a density of little more than put for your climate zone.
Sealing of drilled holes