You will need
  • charger;
  • - ammonia solution Trilon B (ethylene diamine Tetra acetic acid sodium);
  • - distilled water;
  • fresh electrolyte.
In practice, artists use several ways to restore the health of the batterys. Among them, for example: recharging small current and treatment of battery packin deep discharge. These methods require near-constant human presence, and take a lot of time – up to several days.
Electrochemical way to restore a car batteryand carried out with the help of a special charger. The batteries are recovered in the charge of their asymmetric shock. This method allows you to recover zasulfatirovan battery batterys, and conduct preventive serviceable battery.
The most radical and fastest way to restore a car batteryand chemical. For chemical recovery capacity you will need ammonia solution Trilon B (ethylene diamine Tetra acetic acid sodium), which contains 2% Trilon B and 5% ammonia.
Before you begin to chemical recovery, fully charge the battery. Then carefully, with precautions, empty the electrode. Then rinse, preferably with distilled water for 2-3 times.
How to restore automotive <strong>battery</strong>
In carefully washed the battery pour the prepared ammonia solution of Trilon B. Leave the battery in this state for desulfatace, which will be accompanied by a release of gas and formation of fine spray. After 40-60 minutes the gas stops, which would indicate the end of the process.
Drain the solution and rinse again 2-3 times the battery with distilled water. Pour into the jars electrolyte standard density, and set it on charging to the nominal capacity. All. 2-3 years restored the battery will serve.
How to restore automotive <strong>battery</strong>