You will need
  • - prepared electrolyte
  • - distilled water
  • - hydrometer
  • - charger – for example, "Cedar" with the automatic cycle, eliminating overcharging
  • - desulfonema additive added to the electrolyte
  • - pipette and a small enema
Most often, the battery failure displays incorrect operation. Downtime in the winter in traffic with headlights, fan, rear window heating, radio draining it so that the engine restart becomes impossible. The forgetfulness of drivers leaving for a long time on size – also lead to problems when the starter is on the car.
If he decreased capacity due to the long discharge, sulfation of the plates – to bring him back to life to help a long charge-discharge cycle.
"Intensive care" should start with flushing the battery with distilled water, pouring the old electrolyte. Flip and shake him out of all the garbage. And then the points:
To dissolve in the electrolyte the additive and pour it in a battery.
To connect the charger (filler tube is not spinning!) and start the charge-discharge cycle in automatic mode.
Cycle hold until the terminal voltage reaches to 13.8 to 14.2 volts.
Discharge the battery through a light bulb connected to a voltage 10, 8 volts.
Re-start the charge-discharge cycle, to note the charging time and charging current. Multiplying, determine the battery capacity. When you reach the nominal capacity, restoration to finish.
These operations will not only help to restore a vehicle's battery for further operation, but also learn how to deal with him in the future.