You will need
  • - hydrometer;
  • - load plug;
  • - rubber bulb;
  • - capacity to drain the electrolyte.
Need to flush the determine on the following factors:1. Changed the color of the electrolyte (from pink to brownish).2. When charging the battery pack is quickly charged to full charge, and also is quickly discharged during operation. This means that the battery capacity has changed – it became less. Possible causes of calcification (sulfation) or the self-discharge of the battery. Due to contamination of the surface of the battery is broken the insulation resistance of the cap, a leak current and self-discharge. 3. When checking voltage at the battery terminals, the tester shows zero, or a number close to zero. This means that due to the large amount of generated sludge precipitated on the bottom of the active layer plates, there was a slab and short circuit the plates of the battery.Flushing is not a panacea for the above-mentioned troubles, but if you have free time, restriction of funds, desired their hands to extend battery life, get to work.
Rinsing of the battery to produce the pre-discharge battery. Rubber bulb suction the electrolyte and pour it in a glass container (for disposal). Instead of the electrolyte pour distilled water. The process repeat until, while in the banks will not remain pure distilled water. Leave the battery with water two to three hours. Drain the water using the same blower. The electrolyte is dilute in the banks, and bring its density up to 1.2.
Put the battery on charge. Exercises produce until the battery voltage and the electrolyte density does not become constant. Then bring the electrolyte density to normal (it depends on the ambient temperature).
The most complicated case is shorting plates a crumbling mud. In order not to worsen the situation, the battery is not recommended to shake, to turn upside down, etc., so as not to raise the sludge from the bottom and not fill the plate. Such flushing is done during reconditioning of the battery. Decorative "Bank" cut the cuttings from the housing, remove the rubber bulb. Rinse 2-3 times with distilled water. Replace the partition plates, restore the circuit to the battery. Using putty, seal the lid.