Advice 1: How to connect dvd to TV

It is finished, you hold in your hands what you so long dreamed of, – DVD-player. With half an hour you are considering a box, then the player itself, the remote, trying to find batteries, then insert them into the remote. But the DVD was purchased not to gather dust on the shelf, its main objective is the pleasure through playing video discs. So, to do this it needs to connect to the TV.
DVD players
You will need
  • - connecting wire
  • - adapters RCA-RCA, SCART-SCART, SCART-RCA, S-video
For a start, let's see what else lies in the box. Even the simplest DVD player comes with the wire to connect it to the TV. Most often it is a single wire RCA – in common "bells", the pins on both ends of three different colors: yellow – video, white and red – audio (this international standard). View the DVD on the back side where the connectors are. Find the connectors with the same colors as the pins of the wire will be signed yellow video and white and red – audio - L – R. same connectors located on the TV, they can be on the front panel, side or rear. Connect them by the wire colors, check the corresponding channel on TV and enjoy.
RSA-connector and wire
Could it be that in the kit there will be a wire SCART – wide connector with two rows of contacts inside. This wire collects less interference in the transmission of video and audio signal. It is most easy to connect, as additional wiring, except himself, is not required. Locate the corresponding jacks on the DVD and the TV. All right, on the player connector like this one, and the TV two – one is more fit for the incoming signal, the other for outgoing. Look at the inscriptions and symbols of the connectors: a circle with an arrow inside – for incoming, if the arrow is in the direction of the group is for outgoing.
SCART-connector and wire
The most exotic methods of connection can serve as S-video output, it requires a special wire. From the name it is clear that this channel is designed to transmit only video signal, audio use advanced "bells" by connecting their respective connectors on TV and DVD. Another rare connection method is to connect the composite output. It's the same connection "bells", only there are five connectors, three (green, blue, red) are used for video signal transmission, audio signal is transmitted also via two channels.
S-video and component input
But it may happen that the DVD and the TV does not have the same connectors, in this case, you will have to use the wire-adapter. They combine various combinations of connectors: SCART to 3RCA, SCART-6RCA, SCART - S-video+2RCA. These adapters allow connections in the same or in the opposite direction: SCART to TV SCART on the DVD.
Wire SCART - 3RCA cable
When connecting with composite input it is important to properly connect the three wires of the video, they signed the same on the TV and DVD otherwise no picture will not.

When connecting unplug TV and DVD, and not plugged in until until you install the player in a permanent place.
Useful advice
The most convenient connection is SCART to SCART, it is not only the easiest, but when you turn on the DVD, the TV will automatically go to player channel, and when turned off, to turn on the program that was running before turning on the DVD.

It so happens that the TV does not support stereo sound. RCA connectors on it will be two, connect them by color.

Advice 2 : How to connect the receiver to the computer

The receiver of the television signal are used, usually satellite receiversthat connect to the TV. Thanks to the convector on satellite dish receivers receive the signal and transmit it to a TV. Receivers can be connected not only to TV but to a computer.
How to connect the receiver to the computer
You will need
  • Receiver satellite switchboard device of type "switch" cables.
To connect satellite receiver to computer, you need to remember that the receiver is better to connect a second computer to an existing local network than through a direct connection. The first step is to connect the host computer to the Internet and setup a local network using a switch device of type "switch".
Connect the twisted pair cable the receiver to the switch, and then switch to the computer. Turn on the TV and go to "Settings". Locate the "network Setup" and turn the DHCP to obtain an IP address. Write down somewhere the IP address.
Install the program Total Commander or run it if it is already installed on the computer. In the Total Commander in the URL insert the recorded IP address. Then come up with a name for your connection and click "Connect". Enter the user name and password devised in advance.
Go to the folder var-keys, where are stored all the settings for the connected receiver. To change these settings later, you can also use the program Total Commander. Basic settings of the receiver are in the file softcam.key.
In the file newcamd.list spells out the details of the setup card sharing. The function of card sharing are provided in the technology of most receivers. It gives users access to the original map encoded in any of the TV package. Open the file newcamd.list a plain text editor, and make the information sent by the provider. Then place the required number of ports the IP address to which you wish to connect to and restart the emulator receiver.
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