If your home video archive is stored on tape format VHS-C to overwrite it, you should use the VCR. This will prevent head wear camcorders, a resource which is only 500 hours. For installation of the cassettes of the VHS-C to VCR in VHS format, use the special adapter supplied with the camera. Don't forget to install fresh batteries.
The easiest way to connect the VCR to the TVtuner at a high frequency. To do this, take the plug and electrical outlet the type F and length of coaxial cable with wave resistance of 75 Ohm. Connect them so that both connectors ring contacts were connected to the braid and pin to the copper core. Connect the socket to the RF output of the VCR and plug to the antenna input of the tuner. Turn on the VCR, set the TV tuner to the channel on which it operates the modulator.Be sure to connect the audio output of the tuner to the line input of the sound card is a special short cable supplied with the tuner.When you attach, in any case can not simultaneously touch the body of the VCR or the computer and any metal parts of the connectors. While the devices are not connected, you cannot touch their shells.
A much higher quality of image and sound provides a connection with low frequency. To implement this connection you will need two shielded cables. If a VCR equipped with output connectors RCA-type, take the three plugs of this type, and one 3.5 mm stereo mini plug for headphones. One cable manufacture, placing RCA plugs on both ends. In this case, the annular connector pins connect with braids, pin with Central cores. The second cable at one end should be plug type RCA connector on the other for headphones. Latest connect as follows: connect the braid to the common terminal, the copper core - connected together contacts of the stereo channels.Now the first cable, connect the video output of the VCR to the video input of the tuner and the second audio output of the VCR to the line input of the sound card.Some tuners require a low frequency video signal through a BNC-type connector, not RCA. The method of connection is the same (braid - ring contact, the Central vein - to the male).
When connected at a low frequency also can't touch the housings of the apparatus and the metal parts of the connectors and the housings of the two not attached to each other devices.
Some VCRs equipped with 21-pin SCART type plugs. In this case, you will need to plug the appropriate standard. The braided cable of the image signal, connect to pin 17 of this plugs, the copper core - contact 19. The shield of the audio signals connect to pin 4, the Central mine - to pin 3.
To digitize home video archive stored on tape format Video 8 or Hi8 to connect to the tuner will have a VCR and a video camera. Use the cable included in her kit. If necessary, replace the cable plug of the video output from RCA to BNC. The output of the sound from this camera is usually stereo. When you replace the two RCA connectors on one plug for headphones, which you will connect the audio output of the camera to line input of a sound card, a braid of both cables connect to the common terminal of the plug, the copper core of the same cable to the contact of one of the stereo channels, the Central vein of the other to contact the other stereo channel.Be sure to keep the RCA plugs, to be able at any time to alter the cable to connect the camera to the TV.