Modern camcorders have a output wire that you just need to connect coaxial cable to transmit audio and video. The other end of the cable connects to the TV using the standard connector of type "Tulip". If coaxial cable is not found in a standard camcorder, it can be bought in any shop of radio engineering.
Coaxial cable looks like ordinary cable, used, for example, to connect the antenna to the TV. A connector for connecting the coaxial cable to the camera is a single socket-Jack with a diameter of only 3.5 mm, which is inserted into the AV-In/Out camcorder. On the other end has connectors of type "Tulip": the two connectors, if from the camera to the TV receives mono sound, three connectors, if the camera transmits sound type stereo.
Each connector "Tulip" has its own color corresponding to the color socket inputs on the TV. Just plug the connectors in the nests of the same color.
Very old TVs connectors can be a solid color. In this case, locate the nests experimentally. Don't be afraid to plug in the connectors if they are connected incorrectly, no catastrophic consequences will come, you just do not hear sound or see the image. In this case, keep changing the connectors swapped.