You will need
  • cable to connect the receiver to the TV;
  • - the network filter.
Check which connectors are available on the back of the home theater receiver and TV. Purchase the appropriate cable.
Connect the yellow plug on one end of the composite cable to OUT Jack of the receiver and plug the same color at the other end to the socket IN the TV.
Connect the S-Video cable OUT Jack of the receiver to the same connector IN the TV.
Plug the RGB signal cable by inserting red, green and blue plugs to the corresponding connectors OUT of the receiver and IN the TV.
Insert the HDMI cable into the connector OUT of the receiver and IN the TV. HDMI provides a good connection for digital video signals when connecting high-definition TV.
Install left and right front speakers on either side of the TV, the centre speaker above or below TV and rear speakers behind the left and right of the main viewing area, turned inward about 45 degrees.
Pull up on the black and red covers on the rear of the receiver and speaker to open holes for the wires. Connect the red wire to the red cap and the other wire to the black cover.
Connect the cable from subwoofer OUT Jack to the receiver and to the input Jack on the subwoofer.
Add-in DVD or Blu-Ray player by plugging the colored audio and video cables to the appropriate connectors on the rear panel of the player and special connectors on the receiver.
Connect an audio device such as CD player by inserting the white and red connectors on the stereo cable into the left and right outputs on the CD player. Connect the other end to plug into special connectors on the receiver.
Turn on the electric cords for all components into a surge protector, then connect it to the outlet.