Hard drive may be an independent device having a cable for connection to USB, and component part of the computer or laptop. And if in the first case, you do not need to connect to the TV , no additional equipment, the second will have to buy an external enclosure for the hard drive. These chassis are sold in computer stores and help to connect any hard disk to the computer, TV, music centre and other equipment.
If your TV is not equipped with a USB interface, it does not mean that you will not be able to connect it to the hard drive. Enough to buy a media player to play media files from any USB device and use it as a adapter between the hard drive and TV. Some media players have built in hard drives or connectors for connecting such disks.
So, to connect a hard drive to the TV, connect the device USB cable and if the TV has no USB connector, then use it as a media player adapter that connects to the TV via HDMI or via composite audio/video cable.