You will need
  • - soldering iron;
  • neutral flux;
  • - solder;
  • cutters;
  • - pliers.
Disconnect the cable that you are going to solder to the socket from any of the devices. Remove from the "Tulip" cap. Thread the cable through the hole in it. Put it on top of the insulating tube.
Strip the conductors of the cable to a length of about three millimeters. If it is screened, first remove the outer sheath to a length of about 10 mm, then rasplatita her slide to the side and twist. Then strip the Central vein at 3 mm.
Gently saladita stripped conductors to prevent any melting of the insulation and contact of lived among themselves.
Will saludito the contact pad of the connector is designed for soldering of conductors. Do not allow the melting of plastic parts. The conductor to be used as a General (shielded cable braid) thread through the hole in the holder (it is connected with the Central contact) and solder from the back side.
The conductor to be used as a signal (shielded cable is the copper core) thread small piece of thin insulating tube. Thread it through the hole in the lobe, connected with the Central contact. Then slide the tube through the conductor on the petal.
Slide the insulating tube mounted on the cable so that it is positioned opposite the clip on the holder. Clamp it in the holder with pliers along with a cable. Don't put too much effort in order not to cut the cable holder. Screw on plug cap. Using an ohmmeter, check cable for contact and short circuits. In the absence of the opposite end of the connector and solder it.