Connect the speakers to the TV to control the sound quality depends on the combination of audio output and TV input to the speaker. If there is a mismatch in the acoustic parameters of the system, you must use the receiver. Different speakers use different audio inputs, so you need to determine the connected cable. To output the audio sound from the speakers, apply the function "AUX".
To connect speaker via cable "2 RCA audio", which uses the "Euro" standard, as in the TV and sound system. Cable with the audio output of the TV connected to the audio input of the speaker system.
Some TVs and audio systems is using the "SCART". For this connection, required cable length SCART to SCART".
If the TV uses a "SCART", and the speaker system audio input "2 RCA audio, connecting speakers, you must purchase a cable "SCART to RCA".
In acoustics using input "Jack of 3.5 mm and TV exit to 2 RCA audio". In this case, a cable Jack 3,5 mm-RCA to connect speakers.
If the TV uses the output "SCART", and in the acoustic input", 2 RCA audio, then use a cable "SCART-3.5 Jk+Ph 3m.
For TVs with a mono output signal, it is better to connect the audio system using the DVD player or stereo VCR. To use any cable to connect.
To get better quality or have a problem with soedinenii TV and sound system, you must use a receiver.