To connect the acoustic system to the TV in several ways: If the TV output a mono signal you can connect to TV, DVD, And the DVD output on the speakers. Such a connection is possible if your TV has "audio out", and the DVD "input".
If the TV has a built-in "headphone output", the audio speaker system can be connected to this connector. In this case, you must buy an adapter "headphones" - "tulips".
The most ideal option is to connect the speaker system to the TV is using the receiver. In this connection, first, the sound quality is much better than the above options, and secondly, there is no difficulty in connecting the TV and sound system. Thirdly, when using a receiver there is no need to think about the discrepancy between the acoustic parameters of the system.
The ability to connect the acoustic system to the TV depends on alignment of audio output and TV input to the speaker. In different models of speaker systems can be set different audio inputs, so you need to know what type of plug-in cable required, such options can be multiple:- if the TV and the speaker system is using the "Euro", then they connect the necessary cable "2 RCA audio";
- if the TV and the audio system installed "SCART" that is used for connection cable SCART-SCART;
- if the TV SCART, and the audio set to output audio 2 RCA audio, connecting speakers, use the cable type "SCART to RCA";
- if the acoustic input "3.5 mm Jack, and TV out type "2 RCA audio, then you need the cable to connect TV and speakers Jack 3.5 mm to RCA to connect speakers;
- if the TV out "SCART", and the acoustic system system input "to 2 RCA audio". In this case, the required cable type "SCART-to-3.5 Jk+Ph 3m.