Check to see if the TV:
- socket type DIN for recording sound on tape;
- headphone Jack;
- connector RCA line output (not input!) sound;
- power sockets SCART.If there is at least any one of the above, connect the TV to the amp .
The socket type DIN as the common wire use the middle pin as a contact, on which there is a sound signal to either the left or right, depending on the date of issue of TV. Stereo TVs have a nest almost never occurs. If it is, then extreme right or left contact to the right channel, and one that is between him and the General left.
Into the headphone Jack connect the cable with the plug, taken from the ruined headphones. Two white or yellow conductor with the common wire, green or blue is left channel, red, or orange - to the right. Have a mono TV outputs channels are connected in parallel. Note that the sound volume in this case will be possible to regulate not only the amplifier but also on the TV.
Connector type RCA as a General use contact ring, as the output - pin. If the TV is stereo, the nest corresponding to the left channel - white (like a mono TV), right red (and sometimes Vice versa). Do not attempt to remove the sound signal from the yellow connector - there is present only the image signal.
On the standard SCART socket contact 4 use as a common contact 3 remove the signal of the left channel, pin 1 - right. Have a mono TV pin 1 do not use.
The method of delivery of signals to the amplifier depends on what it uses input sockets (DIN or RCA). The signals they serve as described, respectively, in steps 1 and 3. If the TV is mono, and the amplifier - stereo, latest inputs connect in parallel. If the signal is removed from the headphone output, use the input of the amplifier with the worst sensitivity.