The new store is ready to receive its first visitors and to please the owners a profit. The case for small, need to attract customers.

The opening of the store is a feast for the management and for visitors. It can be turned into a bright show with giveaways, contests and advertising product.

Stock before store opening

Share the opening of the store should start in advance. Possible at the beginning of the repair on the outside walls of the room to hang the banners or write text about what it is planned to open.

Two weeks, when the opening date is already known, hang a colorful banner with the store name and an invitation to come to the opening. Do not forget to specify the date and time of the beginning of the holiday.

People love a freebie. Lure visitors with a message about a proposed sweepstakes, win sweepstakes, lots of prizes and treats.

A couple of days before you can put up ads around the city, to conduct a promotional campaign with flyers, information in local Newspapers and on television.

Opening day

The entrance of the store to decorate. As decor you can order garlands of balloons, live plants, flowers, composition. Put big speakers to host the event, it was heard by all. To entice and entertain guests puppets.

Think about the scenario. It should include several parts. The official part will tell visitors about why they were all gathered, and what awaits them in the next few hours.

The entertaining part is full of contests, Raffles and lotteries. As prizes you can use the Souvenirs, magnets, stationery, merchandise store discount card.

Information is is store. Tell us about the products that will be sold, discounts, planned events. Think of a few "chips" from the competition. It will be to your advantage. Hire young men and women that branded clothes will be distributed to guests leaflets and flyers.

If you are planning to entertain your visitors, organize buffet table. For making opening typically use champagne, juices, chocolate, fruits, snacks.

Opening day is appropriate to make any action on the goods sold. For example, in honor of the opening – 5% discount on the entire range etc. Remember that after your event people need to be positive emotions and the desire to return.