Advice 1: What is the price range

On the market of goods and services are divided into price segments depending on the value of the product, its functionality and characteristics, as well as buyers ' requirements, the requirements for goods of a particular class.
Price and quality are interdependent

What is the price range

Price segment of the product is determined by its value and characteristics. Timely price positioning, and regular monitoring of the market allows to implement the most effective marketing activities that are aimed at increasing the popularity of products of various types, from the lowest to the highest price category. Therefore, market segmentation is necessary to determine the most effective in each individual case of programmes that promote trade and to attract the attention of buyers.

On the world market, there are four price segments. Budget proposal – the so-called low price segment, attracting the bulk of buyers of low cost products. In Economics, this segment is designated as low-priced.
Mid-market or middle-priced includes products of higher quality at a higher price.

High price segment is high-priced is expensive high quality goods. And finally, the segment of premium, or luxury, the best that the market can offer.


The value of the goods of low price segment is much lower than the average market prices for such products. Such goods have only a set of basic characteristics, there are various additional possibilities exist. The buyer doesn't expect from such products any exceptional properties. Most often, the consumer is configured to short the exploitation of the products of this segment, knowing that the product is of poor quality.

M iddle-priced

The price of the product approximately corresponds to the average. Most of the products has additional features and advanced functionality. Many companies worldwide focused on the production of such products because it has high differentiation.


Products must have a functional and fully comply with the stated promises. In addition, there are increased expectations of buyers to quality, service and maintenance. The value of the products in this price range is significantly above average.


This is the image production that emphasizes position in society and wealth of the owner. The cost of production is quite high and to the customer's wishes for quality and functionality is added to the requirement of individual approach. In this category, often represented branded products, produced in limited quantities.

Advice 2: What is social differentiation

"Differentiation" is a word of Latin origin. It refers to difference, dissimilarity, the separation and stratification of the whole into different parts, steps and forms.
What is social differentiation

Social differentiation - what is it?

Social differentiation is a social concept defining the division of society into groups of people that differ according to their social status.

Research shows that the social stratification inherent in any social order. For example, in primitive tribes, the society was divided according to age, sex, and each of them had their own privileges and responsibilities. On the one hand, at the head of the tribe stood a respected and influential leader with his retinue, on the other hand, the outcast who lived "outside the law".

With the development of society, social stratification is increasingly increased and become more obvious.

The types of differentiation companies

In the society of distinguished political, economic and occupational differentiation.

Political differentiation in any modern society is due to the division of the population into the governing and the governed, political leaders and the rest of the mass of the people.

Economic differentiation indicates the difference of incomes, their living standards, highlights the rich, medium and poor.

Occupation, occupation of a person determine the professional differentiation of society. At the same time, the profession has more or less prestige depending on their economic subsidies.

We can say that social differentiation is not just a division of society into groups, but this kind of inequality of these groups from the point of view of their social status, rights, privileges and duties respectively, influence and prestige.

Is it possible to eradicate inequality?

The destruction of social differentiation in society can be regarded from different points of view.

Marxist doctrine shows that it is necessary to eliminate the inequality between people, as the most striking social injustice. This requires a change in economic relations and the abolition of private property. Other theories argue that the social stratification of fatal although it is evil, but must accept as inevitable.

From another point of view, social differentiation is considered a positive phenomenon, as it forces every member of society to strive for self-improvement. The homogeneity of the society will lead to his death.

Recent studies show that in the now developed countries, reduced social polarization, increasing middle class population and correspondingly reduced the group to the very poor and arhibogatyh segments of the population.
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