If the concept of repair room or apartment means a change of doors and buy doors solid budget does not allow, you should pay attention to canvases covered with materials that simulate the desired appearance. Today the most common coatings door panels are the following:

1. Laminate

The so-called laminated doors often represent a frame with honeycomb filler, glued material based on paper impregnated with synthetic resin. These doors do not require special care, because the coating is durable and moisture resistant, the appearance of the door will not be too "natural".

2. PVC film

Doors covered with such a film is sufficiently cheap, do not require special care. These doors are well withstand fluctuations in temperature and humidity, easy to wash. The advantage of this material it is also possible to create doors of the whimsical design, as the film seamlessly repeats any curves, while the natural veneer is not always able to do it.

3. Veneer

Natural veneer - a thin layer of wood that is glued to the surface of the product. Artificial veneer (also called EcoSpeed) only mimics the structure of natural wood. Artificial veneer is a multi-layered coating of synthetic films.

Veneered door would be much cheaper, the doors of the array, however, it looks good, but it is not necessary to choose doors covered with natural veneer, for areas where permanently increased humidity.

4. Paint or varnish

Traditionally painted different types of paint or varnish doors made of solid wood and MDF. Modern technology of dyeing can achieve striking effects that give low-cost doors solid and elegant look.