Ship lacquer, it - yacht

Ship paint – the most durable and moisture-resistant coating for wood surfaces. It is composed of polyurethane and alkyd-urethane resin, which is provided by high gloss effect varnish. Ship varnishes provide deep impregnation of wood, protect it from UV rays, temperature changes, and most importantly - they are resistant to prolonged contact with water, including the sea. Effect of ship lacquer, stored up to 7 years.

The original scope of the ship's lacquer - coating the decks of ships and yachts. Now the ship varnish is widely used in everyday life - for coating wood surfaces inside and outside buildings and in rooms with high humidity. Perfect for covering arbors, porches, outdoor wooden decking.

Parquet lacquer

Parquet lacquer coated parquet Board or a parquet floor. The chemical composition of the parquet varnishes come in three types: water, oil-based resins and acid-otworzenie, which are made on the basis of formaldehyde resins.

The water-based parquet varnish is water. The composition of the material does not include solvents, so it is environmentally friendly and less toxic. It has no smell and is not flammable, is often used in areas with high probability of ignition. The lack of water-parquet varnish – low wear resistance, it is susceptible to changes in temperature. Work on the varnishing is done in a dry place at room temperature.

Parquet alkyd varnish is made of oil-based resins. Does not have adhesive property, the main purpose alkyd varnish to enhance the wood color. If you want to keep the original color of the flooring - to deal with that alkyd varnish. The disadvantage of this group of lakes - increased sensitivity to drying conditions. For rejecting the alkyd varnish needs oxygen, so the painted surfaces required a constant flow of fresh air until dry.

The most persistent parquet laki — laki acid rejection. They have high wear resistance and are used in areas where it is expected to increased load on the floor (public institutions, shops, halls, hotels, etc.). Such parquet lacquers is not sensitive to changes of humidity in the room. However, when you work with them you must use a respirator and ventilate the room for 2-3 days, after which a sharp solvent smell disappears.

Ship and parquet varnish - the main differences

The main distinguishing feature parquet varnish from the ship is that it protects the wood from mechanical impact damage and shock. While parquet lacquer glue the floor boards together. The main purpose of the ship's paints – use in places where moisture resistance and resistance to environmental influences. Therefore, yacht varnish is widely applicable to the builders in finishing exterior wood surfaces. Of course, ship lacquer several times more expensive parquet. But the quality of coverage, and its lifetime is higher.