Door designed for bathroom and toilet, needs to be moisture resistant and suitable for the General decoration of the room. Perhaps this is the main criteria. But the diversity of materials still makes consumers spend a lot of time on the selection of doors in toilet and bathroom.

Glass doors

The best in terms of durability and moisture resistance it is possible to consider glass doors. Glass is a material that is not afraid of moisture and temperature changes, and does not require extra care and finishing. Modern, stylish interiors these doors look particularly impressive.
Thanks to modern technology the glass doors have a high durability. To chipped or smash them in a domestic environment is practically impossible.

Plastic doors

On the second place in popularity after the glass doors for the bathroom are plastic. They also don't need serious care and additional finishing. Plastic doors are not afraid of water and can withstand the highest temperatures. The only drawback of this material is some of the limited colors.

Wooden and laminated doors for bathroom

Classic wooden doors of high quality will always be relevant for installation in bathroom and toilet. Under certain processing and timely tree care will serve not one ten years, while maintaining its original appearance. Of course, wooden door to the bathroom was not so practical as plastic. But they differ in the abundance of different modifications on the market.

The most affordable, but least considered to be durable laminated doors for the bathroom, as well as common variants of chipboard and MDF. However, with proper ventilation, even these doors will be able to retain the original form for ten years. Such an option will appreciate the potential consumers quite reasonable prices.

Veneer – a completely inappropriate material for the bathroom

But veneered doors to the bathroom it is better not to install. This material is not suitable for rooms with high humidity levels. Veneer will just flake off under the action of hot air. Of course, there are modern protective materials used in the processing of veneered doors. Their lifetime can be significantly increased.