What types of repairs are and their stages

To repair is not turned into a bottomless pit by pumping money and dragged on for a long time, we must first understand what you want to do. If you have an apartment in a new building without finishing, then you need an overhaul. In many new homes apartments for rent completely bare - just concrete or panel box. There is nothing - no electrical, no plumbing, no interior doors - crooked walls and uneven floors. In this embodiment, it is necessary to do everything from scratch. To start the overhaul is necessary to design the apartment.
The apartment design is designing the interior of the housing with the definition of where, what and how will be. Design you can think about yourself (there are special programs) or from specialists.

Only after you have decided where and what you can begin to repair itself. Initially, this may be electrical wiring (without connection plate), sewer and water. Also it is better to install the front door if the apartment you are living and leave it there all the materials and tools for repair. Then is level the floors, walls, ceiling (if you do not stretch). All these works are among the rough. Once the apartment is prepared, you can do finishes - wallpapering, laying floors, installing doors, laying tiles, and more. A lot of work, but it should also be remembered that new construction often shrinks (a few years) and it can hurt just made the repair (give cracks in walls, deform doorways, etc.), therefore, either to do with the ability to stretch (stretch ceiling, fabric Wallpaper, etc.) or to make the simplest repairs, and after shrinkage of the house to remodel.

If you plan to do major repairs in the apartment in which you already live, in principle, it is no different from repair buildings. With the exception of dismantling all that you want to change (remove old tiles, Wallpapers, sanitary ware, pipes, etc.).

Perhaps a big change you don't need, and you just want to upgrade their housing. Then you just glue the Wallpaper, change the flooring, doors, etc. It is called a facelift that does not require such a huge budget, but still takes enough time and effort.

What you need to buy for repairs

Once decided on the type of repair, you should decide whether you're going to do it themselves or hire a special crew.
Crews working to repair the apartment, you can do all the "turnkey" (housing ready to move) or to perform the work in stages (you can hire a different teams for different work). The first option usually is cheaper.

Of course, much easier to get people to pay them and after a certain time to see the result. It is possible for them to lay and obligations for the purchase of materials. It's convenient, but it turns out far more expensive than do it myself. If you hire artists, but everything you need to repair purchase on your own, then usually you are given a list of (quote) what and how much to purchase. Some only work with certain firms.

If you decide to do everything yourself, it is necessary to have at least some idea about the work and to prepare for it. In stock must be a different tool (some, more expensive, it is possible to take from acquaintances - drill, screwdriver, hammer etc). Also need tools to measure levels (rulers, tape measures, levels, etc.), for painting (brushes, rollers, etc.), hammer, saw, axe, assorted screwdrivers and many more (including consumables - nails, screws, various fasteners).

Well, of course, need the material to carry out all works. It depends on your desires and possibilities. The same gender - can make the usual screed (cement-sand mixture), you can select self-leveling floor, and there is also the question of noise and heat insulation, installation of floor heating. A lot of variants, most importantly, it needs to be very smooth in order to continue to carry out laying the top covering (linoleum, laminate, tile, carpet, parquet etc.).

The walls have several layers of training (putty, primer, plaster), well, it is and Wallpapers. Do not forget about little things like glue under the tile, Wallpaper, putty etc. So as not to be mistaken with the total amount that must be purchased, it is necessary (if you do it yourself) to just sit down and paint step by step everything works and what materials will be involved in this.

The end result of repair of apartments - this game is your imagination. And only depends on you what you will get.