You will need
  • - sandpaper;
  • grinding machine or a drill;
  • - wood putty;
  • - Lac;
  • - stain;
  • - self-adhesive paper or film;
  • - scissors;
  • - spatula;
  • - roller;
  • newspaper;
  • - mixer or a washing machine;
  • - Wallpaper glue;
  • - buttons.
Try the jambs to paint. First sand the surface with a coarse, then a fine emery paper to remove the top layer. If the jambs are not too delicate, go over them with a grinding machine or a drill with a special sanding attachment.
Apply all scratches and gouges with a special filler for wood. Wait until it dries indicated on the packing time, and abrade these places. Wipe off with dust brush or dry rag and cover the stocks of varnish.
Another great way to elevate the schoolsto cover their self-adhesive Wallpaper. First remove the door from its hinges and carefully remove dirt, dust and grease with detergent or alkaline solution. Note that the surface should be varnished or painted with oil paint.
Carefully cut out the film pieces of desired shape and size, leaving just in case a small allowance on the edges. When gluing long pieces proceed as follows: peel off a few inches of the paper backing and attach the film to its place on the jamb. Smooth the tape with a roller or small trowel, wrapped in a soft cloth. Gradually separate the base from the film, moving to the other end, a semicircular movements pasting released film.
Small bubbles on the film immediately poke with a needle and carefully smooth with a roller, large adresate a very sharp knife. If you met curved or rounded elements of the joint, heat the tape with a Hairdryer and immediately apply to the surface.
If you love originality, try another method of finishing the joints. Take old Newspapers, Narva finely and mix in water until smooth using a mixer, nozzles on the drill or washing machine with vertical loading. Press a little weight and generously season the Wallpaper glue, until a creamy mass.
The surface of the jamb obderite coarse sandpaper and cover the mix with a layer of 3-5 mm. Make a video of a few big buttons, stapled together, and roll them a paper weight in different directions.
Allow to dry, carefully trim the edges and paint the stain color desired. You can use multiple colors, mixing them with a sponge. Once dry, cover the jambs with varnish.