You will need
  • - impregnating primer based on acrylic (for priming doors made of particleboard or plywood);
  • - hard sandpaper;
  • - fine sandpaper;
  • - soap solution;
  • - plane;
  • - Hairdryer or a needle (to pop bubbles when they appear);
  • film to paste over the door;
  • - a pair of scissors.
As with all construction work, first prepare the surface of the door. It needs to be cleaned from dust and grease. If the door was previously painted and the old paint peeled off in places, and the door need sanding first hard sandpaper, and then finer to scratches. Then, the surface of door wipe with a damp cloth. After all treat the door with soapy water and allow to dry. Particleboard and plywood on the doors are usually not treated, so these doors before gluing the film is preferably treated with a primer based on acrylic. When the primer dries, go sand paper again, but don't erase completely the primer. The surface should be brought to perfect smoothness.
Remove the door from its hinges. Go planed at the ends and be sure about loops. Return the door back in place and try to close it. When closed, must be a gap of about 1-2 mm. In this case, the film will not wear off.
Start wrapping the doors film. You can first glue the door from the yard, turning down 1-2 cm on the door, and then gluing the main part of the film, put a little curved on the edge. Joint should not be visible. For convenience, do not remove the entire backing paper immediately. It is best to do the job in parts. First remove 20 cm of the backing paper, stick the tape to the door again gently flatten the tape with a rag. Continue so to the end.