In order to paint the door varnish, first decide on the type of material which will be used in the process. If painted doors indoors, choose a Polish with minimum toxic smell. On the Bank must be written that it is designed specifically for interior doors.
If you will be exterior doors, buy lacquer, which is resistant to weathering and is able to pass air.
Before you paint a door varnish, conduct preparatory work, which consist in removing the door hardware and eliminating mechanical defects. If there are large depressions, fill them with wood putty and allow it to dry well.
Sand the surface of the new door, using sandpaper, which attach to the grinding wheel clamped in the Chuck of a drill. Thus, it is easy to prepare the surface of the doors for painting in hard to reach places.
If you must paint lacquer old painted doors, clear door leaf of the old paint with solvent. Then remove the remains of paint coarse sandpaper and abrade the fabric.
In the presence of glass, before work, carefully remove them or glue masking tape.
Directly before coating the doors with varnish, before applying the first coat, apply a special primer for wood. The ideal option is a three-layer painting: the first coat – primer, the second underlying layer, and the third upper face layer.
To avoid sagging of paint, paint the door surface in small patches, doing repetitive movements. Begin to paint from the top left corner, dealing flejtsem paint horizontal strokes, gradually blending the paint vertically. Using a narrower filenochnye brush paint the "uncomfortable" part of the door.