When checking the data of the bands of the British company Daily Mail was found in nearly 40% of flattop, which can cause a variety of eczema, allergies and even cancers. Platinumi are substances that give plastics and rubber soft and supple.

In Western countries, the content of these substances in the standard should not exceed more than 10%. In Russia there is no such restriction. In EU countries such gum with excess values that are prohibited for sale.

The rubber bands to weave bracelets appeared in 2012 and released their Rainbow Loom. That is gum this company was safe for children. But at the moment to reduce the cost of goods produced sets of low quality.

Quite often, the sets of elastic bands were brought from China, where they have no certification for safety. So parents, saving on the original sets, prefer cheaper ones and put their children at risk.

Buying sets of rubber bands to weave bracelets, you should carefully read the label on the package. The existing inscription of the EU suggests that a product meets safety requirements. This also applies to toys made of rubber or plastic.