First of all, these organizations are concerned about the quality of the bracelets. As almost 50% of the gum, of which they are made, are fake. And when you consider that counterfeiting typically is produced from raw materials containing huge amounts of formaldehyde and other harmful substances, you should identify what is gum for weaving bracelets threat to human health.

This is assuming if their quality is really questionable. In contrast, products that have passed certification, completely harmless and not dangerous for children and adults.

Considering that cheap rubber bands to weave bracelets are made in China where quality is not neglected, screening them must be especially careful. Because the kids with their favorite trinkets practically does not leave. For example, the bracelets they love to wear all the time. Of course, even knowing that the consequences of prolonged contact can occur only after some time: in a month, a year or even several years.

дешевые резинки для плетения браслетов

Since children do not yet understand that favorite toy or bauble can harm their health, take care of security, of course, obliged to parents and grandparents who love to spoil grandchildren with different gifts.

Is adults must remember that baby trend craze may become suddenly dangerous. The concern here is the fact that in the rubber bands to weave experts found harmful substances, characterized by increased levels of toxicity. Particularly harmful was recognized bracelets from colored rubber bands. They should be strictly prohibited to carry children. The reason is that with high probability they contain phthalates, which, entering the human body, can promote the development of cancer. Phthalates provide flexibility, strength and elasticity of the product. But, despite these properties, hazardous to health.

Unfortunately, about the dangers of this product talked recently. But it is very important, even with the delay, now to bring this information to the largest possible number of people. Consumers should know that the results of hygienic inspection of such units, revealed the following: the most toxic of all components of the kit were pendants. They are more dangerous to health.

It should also be emphasized that the beautiful colored gum, which carved for itself, pendants and bracelets the children, some countries have long imposed a ban on the sale. First of all, due to the fact that they are toxic and dangerous to health.

наборы для плетения браслетов из резинок

And even if we consider that the bracelets are recognized in comparison with the pendants is less dangerous, it must be remembered that this applies only to sets that have passed certification.

Much worse situation can occur if the kits for weaving bracelets out of rubber bands will be acquired in dubious outlets, that is where the seller has no documents confirming the quality of the rubber bands. To ensure health, safety bracelets, you should only buy in large stores. And, of course, require a certificate.

It should also be remembered that young children are all pulling in the mouth. Will not become here an exception and products from gum. If you get them into the oral cavity of germs, the child can develop intestinal infections that are dangerous to overall health.

Phthalic acid contained in this product for weaving, harm to human health immediately. Given that it is particularly well penetrates the body through the skin, care should be taken to wearing as little as possible. Otherwise, in the future there will be a serious failure in the nervous, reproductive and even respiratory systems of the body. In addition, the high content of phthalates in the blood is dangerous to humans in terms of his development of obesity. It is important to know and remember.

By the way, in countries outside the EU, all consumers are advised to buy elastic bands for weaving only in packs that are labeled with a mark "CE". Because it gives a certain guarantee of quality and shows that products are not hazardous to health.