Bracelet made of rubber bands can be a good gift. It will appeal to both adults and children. To make bracelets from rubber bands is very simple. In General, techniques for making these bracelets very much. You can do them on the forks, special machines, and even on the fingers. But for more complex drawings and designs it is best to buy the machine. The advantage of this weave is that it can master even a child. In addition, the bracelet is a great gift, the lesson may become for the child a great hobby. So you will teach him to needlework, help to develop motor skills and dexterity.

You need to weave bracelets out of rubber bands

To make bracelets out of rubber bands by yourself, you will need to purchase:

  • loom bands for bracelets, in very large quantities;
  • special fasteners;
  • hook;
  • for complex patterns – machine;
  • free time and patience.

Gums need a lot more, so purchase wholesale immediately. Now consider some of the ways of weaving.

How to make bracelets out of rubber bands on fingers

Weaving bracelets on fingers eight. So, take one rubber band, slide it over the index and middle fingers, pre-twisted in a figure of eight. Now grab another elastic and, without wringing, put on top of the first. Now pull with your fingers first elastic, without removing the second, the first should be how to get confused in the second. Now place a third rubber band on top, also to avoid twisting. Remove the second rubber band with the fingers without removing the third. Repeat such manipulations to get the bracelet the right length. In the process of learning take clip two colors to avoid confusion.

How to make bracelets out of rubber bands on a fork

Similarly you can make bracelets out of rubber bands and a fork, pulling the rubber bands on the teeth, and even pencils, pens, knitting needles. To remove the stitches for best hook, but you can with your fingers, only careful not to pull the clip. The ends of the bracelet need to secure a special clasp that is similar to the Latin letter "S".

How to make bracelets out of rubber bands fish tail ("cone")

If you have mastered braiding eight, you can go to the next level – the wiring, or as it is called, "fish tail". By the way, a bracelet made with this technique, similar to a plait "Kolosok" (otherwise known as the "fishtail").

To make bracelets out of rubber bands fishtail, prepare at least fifty rubbers. Start to weave the rubber bands the same way as the first method, but with the second you need to wear and third elastic, and the first one to reach through second and third. Then pull the fourth elastic loop and remove the second, and so on: pulling fifth, remove the third, the sixth, the fourth. After you duplicate to the desired length, hook clasp end, remove gently with fingers beginning of the bracelet and pull the first elastic, then hook the second end of the clasp.

As you can see, to make bracelets out of rubber bands easy. You can choose 2 colors or more, for example, all colors of the rainbow in the correct order, then you get the rainbow bracelet. You can also weave bracelets eight or "fishtail" in double, triple sizes. But you need the machine, as fingers or a fork is not enough to secure the rubber bands.

In General, to make bracelets from rubber bands is not particularly difficult, just need to clearly follow instructions. Using such a machine can weave complex patterns, like fish scales, they are also often called "dragon scales". Most importantly, use bright and different colors to avoid confusion. Remove the loop of a hook, pulling the elastic bands, but not much, so as not to break them.

You can even easier to make bracelets out of rubber bands. To do this, take one elastic, fold it eight and fold to make a ring. Hook clasp. Take the second elastic and also fold it in half, securing at the other end of the clasp. The second elastic attach the second clasp to her already and attach a third elastic and so on. It's a very simple bracelet, made rings. Most importantly, patience and accuracy, then do it!