How to make bracelets out of rubber bands on fingers

To weave your first bracelet, you will need a set of Rainbow loom, clasp and palm of left hand. One of the easiest ways to make bracelets out of rubber bands is called "chain", having mastered it, you can experiment with more complex variations.

Select two bands of matching colors. The first position, pulling on the thumb and index finger, crossing the eight. The second elastic pull, not crossing over. Begin the process of weaving. Hook the bottom rubber band with your thumb and remove it in the middle, do the same with the elastic index finger. Take another elastic, place her ring on his thumb and index finger stretching in the upper part of the previous clip. Again remove the bottom rubber band through thumb and index finger in the middle and continue stitching until you reach the desired length of the bracelet. In the final work hook fastener with the edges. Bracelet "chain" is ready. By the way, this method can be used to make bracelets out of rubber bands with a special slingshot, which is sold in the set.

How to make bracelets out of rubber bands on the machine

Weaving bracelets on a loom – fun for adults mistresses, and children. The machine gives you more opportunities to implement new ideas than the fingers of one hand, so you should master this way to generally to know how to make bracelets out of rubber bands.

Sit back, put the machine in front of him so that his peg looked up in the direction of you. Stretch the elastic between the outermost column in the middle row and the first column in the outside row on the diagonal. The second elastic hook on the column, where is already located the previous one, and its other end diagonally to the next free column. So continue to the end of the row. Now start to weave the bracelet, armed with a knitting hook and turning the loom so that the pegs are "looked" down. Pry out the rubber band from the first peg in the middle row and extending through the next, pull it on the second peg on the end. Similarly do this action, heading in the same direction. Get a number of woven circles. At the last elastic, fasten the clasp, then gently pull the entire row of gum from the machine. The product is ready, this principle can be used to make bracelets out of rubber bands for every taste.

Weave bracelets out of rubber bands on a dining fork

This method to make bracelets out of rubber bands suitable for those who do not have the opportunity to purchase the machine. On the two middle teeth a regular table fork put the rubber band so that it was twisted like a figure eight. Likewise, put the rubber bands on the two rightmost prongs and another two on the extreme left. The fourth elastic place again on the middle prongs of the fork, but not crossing it. Start to weave: the lower the elastic off of one tooth, and then with the second. In the extreme, the teeth on one side, add the elastic, not turning it. Now hook the hook first end of the elastic and remove it with a single prong, then the second. Add neperevernutoe the elastic on the prongs on the other side and do the same. Next put the rubber band on the middle treads, the lower the elastic contractible in turn with a single medium tooth, then another. Then add the elastic on the right teeth, pull the bottom alternately, and also on the left side. Continue to make bracelets out of rubber bands until you reach the desired length. Finishing the fabrication of the bracelet, pick a suitable clasp or S-type, and secure it at the last rubber band.

This is the simplest ways to make a bracelet out of rubber bands. But, having mastered them, you can begin to weave animal figures, flowers, and bracelets with beads.