You will need
  • flour 1 Cup;
  • - water, how much dough;
  • - vegetable oil for lubrication;
  • - food coloring depending on the desired color and saturation;
  • - tracing, parchment or wax paper.
Take a Cup of flour. Gradually pour back the water and knead the dough until, until it becomes elastic and will not lag behind hands.
In the finished dough add any food coloring. You can buy in the store, and you can use the juice of fruit or vegetables. The more dye you add, the darker the color. The dye should be well mixed with the dough until then, until the ball of dough will not be uniform in color.
Roll the resulting dough into small pellets, as thinly as possible.
Take tracing paper or paper, brush with oil and place the dough there.
Leave it to dry. The drying time depends on the thickness of the dough. The thicker the dough the longer it needs to dry. Estimated time 24 hours.
Take a coffee grinder and pour back the resulting pellet test. Grind to a state of fine powder. The colours of Holi ready.
This method will allow you to save money on the purchase of paints, and also to be 100% certain in their composition. Even the claim that in the composition of their dyes only natural ingredients, to believe in the word impossible. Besides, most of the paint purchased in China, and the quality of Chinese goods known to many. If you have time, it is better to make the colors yourself, so you definitely will not harm themselves and others.