The drying rate of oil paint is more dependent on external factors, ambient temperature, humidity, illumination, as well as its recipe. The paint hardens by evaporation of the moisture (where its not), but because of oxidation of the oil film. Therefore, in order to speed up the drying process of oil paint, it is necessary to accelerate the process of interaction of the paint with oxygen.
To accelerate the formation of persistent oil film, apply the paint with roller or brush on previously prepared surface in a thin layer. Paint dries in approximately 24 hours. If necessary, reprograme or uneven coating repeat the procedure.
To accelerate the oxidative processes in the oil paint film can heat it. For example, many young artists their paintings dry on the radiators. But this is a special case. Just put in a room where there are just painted with oil paint surface heater or heater. By the way, the heating of the oil paint increases its durability and resistance to alkalis, in other words, soap. The only caution - do not leave the heating device unattended, lest a fire.
There are chemical ways to accelerate the drying of oil paints. This addition to paint of the so-called driers – drying. Add them in small quantities (in accordance with the instructions on the package) to a jar of paint and mix thoroughly. The driers allow to dry painted surface much faster and do not affect the quality of oil paint. In General, as experts recommend before you buy oil paint, read everything that is written on its packaging. A good oil paint contains no less than 10 components.