You will need
  • computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • printer;
  • scanner.
Make a picture in the home in several ways. The simplest way is to connect your computer to the Internet, ask search engine request "coloring for kids" and to view suggested sites. Here you can find ready-made pictures on any subject. Select the appropriate image, and save them to your computer. The downloading of files is done after clicking on the link with an appropriate inscription. Then you will need to perform some required for certain sharing steps.
If the picture opens in a large size, save it by clicking on the picture, right-click and select the option "Save image as". Specify the destination folder. Then you will just have to print the finished image to the printer.
If no access copy with a scanner any picture of any children's book. Treat it with a graphical editor, making image brighter and clearer. For these purposes, it is convenient to use the program Adobe Photoshop.
Those who are not very good with graphic programs to fit the next option. Enough for him the basic skills of working with Microsoft Word. Create a new document. Then insert any image from which you are going to do the coloring. Add picture in several ways. For first - way in the depths of your computer a beautiful image. This can be a fabulous character, flower, car. The complexity of the picture depends on the age of your child. Remember: the more small items you have, the harder the child is to paint.
Add image by clicking "Insert" in the toolbar. Click on the button and select from the drop down window the option "picture" and then "Pictures" or "From file". In the second case, you will need to specify containing the desired image folder and click "Paste".
Once a graphic object is added to the document, click on it, right-click, select "Format picture". Then in the new window, specify the image size and its position in the document. When an image is ready, go into a coloring book.
To do this, just right click on the picture and in the resulting panel "image Settings" in the menu "Image" select "grayscale" and experiment with brightness and contrast. Proper selection of these parameters will help to convert your picture into a kind of coloring.
To create basic colorings for children of two or three years, you can use the Draw panel. Using a variety of elements and geometric shapes, you can make simple houses, mushrooms, flowers, etc. After the paint is ready, print it on a printer.