You will need
  • powder natural henna
  • gloves
  • - of porcelain or glass bowl
  • - water
  • - Basma
  • - lemon juice
  • - ground coffee
Henna for drawing pictures on body (mehndi) and hair color varies. The natural color of henna is deep red with copper or terracotta tint. As a rule, henna black color already sold in finished form, with all the additives and preservatives.
To make black henna yourself, take regular henna powder. It should be greenish color, not too bright color, without lumps and impurities.
Natural henna has unsaturated greenish tint.
Depending on what you plan to do black henna, select the method of preparation on your part.
To manufacture the paste for temporary drawings on the body, some times at first sift the powder through a sieve. Squeeze the lemon juice and strain it, following that it left particles of pulp. Add the juice to henna powder in small portions, constantly stirring and rubbing until the state is densely slurry. Add to the mix a tea spoon of coffee the fine grinding, a little sugar and a pinch of Basma. In the end, the mixture will acquire a rich dark color and will be good to go on your skin. Wrap the container of pasta in clingfilm and leave to infuse for a day.
Using black henna can make drawings on the body.
To manufacture black henna hair dye, you must mix it with Basma. To get a rich black color, mix henna and Basma in the ratio of 1 to 2. First mix the powders in dry form, then gradually add hot but not boiling water. Allow the mixture to cool and proceed to apply. To obtain the hair of black color, the mixture must be kept in mind 1.5 to 2 hours.