To change your appearance beyond recognition, to add a festive image of the pattern on the body or face can be in the home. Today is very widespread such a thing as face painting. Aqua is water, grim – change the appearance by applying special paints.

How to do face painting at home

Face painting is considered to be low-fat cosmetic paint water based that you can buy in specialized stores. But it is possible to do face painting on their own, to create a unique and unique image of the child on the party or to participate in the masquerade. To make a special paint that can be applied to the face, take 1 teaspoon of baby cream, 3 tablespoons of cornstarch, teaspoon water and food coloring. To get black color, it is necessary to take natural tube, ignite it, and when the tube has cooled, the burnt part to scrape into a Cup. The resulting ash is mixed with the already prepared composition, but without the food coloring.

For applying the prepared inks, you can use any brush, but it is best to take soft and natural. In addition to brushes, you need to prepare the sponges. They will be useful to apply paint to a large surface, if we are talking about painting my face and body.

Features of applying face paint

Face painting should be applied in several layers, so the picture turned out saturated and bright. Before creating anything on the skin, it is recommended to draw what you want on a piece of paper, so to speak, to practice. If there are no special creative talent, you can apply basic drawings: butterfly, heart, flower and so on. For the unique pattern you can use glitter for face painting, which is applied after the paint is fully dry.

It is not recommended for face painting use oil paint as it clogs the pores, smeared, in General, its use will not achieve the desired effect. Prudent to only use water based paints!

Thanks to makeup, you can make perfect any image. For example, if the child at the matinee will be a clown and costume already purchased, you can do the following face painting. Under the left and over the left eye need to draw one black triangle. On both the cheeks are drawn in circles, small, red. The middle mug is tinted white gloss. Very simple and original! And most importantly, does not require any particular artistic talent.