You will need
  • emulsion PVA;
  • aniline dyes (used for dyeing);
Buy PVA glue. It is better to buy glue at the hardware store. The stationery shops are only sold in containers of small volume, and in the construction you can buy cans of 0.5 liters and 1 liter. If you are going to paint the surface with a large area (e.g. the door), then better buy a big jar.
Buy aniline dyes. They are sold in walmart or in fabric stores. Aniline inks of different colors are sold in powder form and is easily diluted in hot water. Buy the colors that you will need for future painting.
Dissolve aniline dyes in distilled water. Strain the solution. It should not remain lumps or solid particles.
Mix the resulting solution with the white glue to a condition similar in thickness to sour cream. Add the dye until then, until you get the desired shade. Color it is best to check on the glass, as glass is transparent, and the paint does not look like the one in the paper.
Make the desired number of shades. Pour each paint into a separate form. You can begin to paint!